Albany Capital District Hot Tubs & Swim Spas

Whether you are looking for swim spas or hot tubs at wholesale prices in the Albany, NY area you won’t find anyone that is bold enough to match our “low price guarantee”.  You might also want to try our service challenge and compare the local dealers to find out who actually picks up their phone after hours.  We have one of the largest showrooms in the Albany NY area and have all of the major brands in stock so that you can compare them all in one place and don’t have to believe what the retail salespeople are telling you on the phone. Call us for a showroom appointment, you will be glad you did.

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The Difference Between Spa Wholesaler and Retail Stores

1) We do not run those “so-called” spa leftover, inventory overstock, and blowout sales. Those so-called “sales”, are just a way to get you in the door.  We simply have a low price guarantee all year long. With low overhead and huge buying power, we sell for less.

2) Retail stores boast about their great service department etc. Here is one thing you can do before you buy a spa. Remember when you buy a new spa it won’t last forever. When you have problems you’re going to want to get a hold of someone fast, especially in the winter.  Before you buy a spa, do yourself a favor… and don’t take our word for it. Call all the retail stores in your area after hours and see who answers.  Then try calling us… say on a Sunday at 9 pm and you’ll get to talk to a person.  That is the service that sets us apart. We don’t like voicemail and we’re sure our customers don’t like it either!

3) We realize that no matter where you shop for a spa everyone will tell you that what they sell is the best.  We don’t do this.  We actually have all the brands that the local retail stores sell on display so you can compare them to what we normally sell.  Brands like Saratoga Spa, Hot Springs, Masterspas, Dynasty Spas, Dimension One, Mira Spas,  Four Winds, Dreammaker, Sundance,  Laguna Bay Spas etc. This way you don’t have to believe a sales pitch. You will be able to see the differences with your own eyes.

4) We don’t pressure or push for a sale. In fact, when you come in to our showroom, we won’t even ask for a deposit.  We don’t like high pressure and we’re sure you don’t either.

5) We also go through all the components of the spa with you. There are a lot of people who, down the road, may decide to switch out a pump themselves instead of paying a service person to do it. We go through all this with you, so when you buy a spa from us, you’ll understand everything about the spa.

6) We show tubs by appointment 24/7 at your convenience.

7) All we ask is that you give us a call before you buy… you’ll be glad you did.

Jeff, Mark, Scott and the staff were excellent throughout our purchase. We had many questions they answered patiently and without pressure. When we were forced to delay our delivery, they were understanding and very accommodating. A pleasant purchase experience.”

Geo Nikon

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“Spa Wholesalers is where you want to go if you are Shopping for a hot tub! Mark was super attentive and answered all of my questions as a newbie buyer. I toured the showroom and Mark explained all the ins and outs of every model and style on the floor. I left there with so much information and was able to make an informed decision on a tub that was right for my family, budget and space needs. We couldn’t be happier with our experience and looking forward to enjoying our tub for many years to come! We highly recommend this company to everyone we know! Thank you Spa Wholesalers!”


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“I would definitely recommend talking to Jeff at the spa wholesaler, he’s very knowledgeable about all the brands out there, no pressure sales at all, we really felt comfortable buying from him. He delivered our spa on time and did a great job installing and going through the setup. Look, they don’t keep regular store hours like most places, and they operate by appointment, but what you get is a really good education about tubs, a great price on a quality tub and a committed sales and service experience. Thanks! We are loving this tub!”

Doug Sullivan

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“What an amazing experience I had with Jeff and the whole process!!! He walked me through everything in the warehouse and answered all my questions, was extremely patient, funny and kind. The guys that delivered and did the install were super laid back and answered all my questions and walked me through everything!! I’m excited to use our new hot tub and I know if we have any issues Jeff is a phone call away. I know this because I have called and texted him and his response time is quick!!! Thank you all!”

Heather Brennan

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“I searched around many pool & spa stores and online for a new hot tub to replace an old one as it stopped working. They had the best quality hot tubs and price. Very responsive and thorough in describing their various models, both the positives and negatives. Took away my old hot tub which was not an easy task given its location. I found them to have a great deal of integrity in my dealings with them. Highly recommend!!!

Joseph Mancini

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Mark is a joy to do business with. He is always available, has parts and chemicals on site, fixes and repairs all tubs (even those he doesn’t sell), and shows all the competitors tubs so you know which tub is best for you. One stop shopping! I wish I went to talk to Mark sooner, and I’d recommend others, (if you are in the market for a tub), go talk to Mark first.

Rebecca Rowe

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“Went to the hot tub show today. It was Concord Pools and Buyer Beware. Prices were rediculous. Went directly from the show to The Spa Wholesaler. Met with Mark and you’ll know after one minute that this is the place to buy your hot tub from. I got the same size tub, same amount of Jets, nicer layout for about 5000 less than at the show. Here’s the shocker. The tub I got here has a much longer warranty than what they offered at the hot tub show. Don’t waste your time shopping at the retail stores and hot tub shows like I did. Save yourself the aggravation and just go here first. Highly recommend. A very satisfied customer.”

Michael Cox

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Excellent customer service. Whenever we call Mark, he his very knowledgeable and always helps with our questions. He is always available to talk to. If we need to leave a message he calls back within 30 minutes. His prices are the best we have seen in hots tubs and replacement parts. We have had our hot tub for almost 10 years and we still call Mark for technical questions and he treats us as a new customer Every time. We would highly recommend The Spa Wholesaler.

Debra Vogt

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We have been looking at hot tubs for quite sometime, always left places feeling confused and overwhelmed. Then we went to see Mark at The Spa Wholesaler, he was great!!! He listened to what we were looking for and narrowed it right down for us, at the best prices we had ever seen! We couldn’t be happier! I strongly suggest if your in the market for a hot tub to visit The Spa Wholesaler!

Jane Ladopoulos

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“Great experience. We made an appointment on a Sunday and there was no rush or rehearsed sales pitch, just lots of good information, no pressure to “close the sale.” We made up our minds on Monday and had the spa before the week was out. Price was great, delivery was efficient and prompt. The only thing we had to wait for was our own electrician. Would definitely recommend them.”

Chris T

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“Our family has always wanted a hot tub. We even got a patio specifically for it last year. We found Mark and his business on google and called him as well as other local businesses. We went with Mark all the way. Always took our call, always called back if he was busy. Very knowledgeable and cheaper than the rest. We will be a lifetime customer for service and chemicals. Thanks Mark!”

Jennifer Shear

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Friends of ours told us about their experience purchasing their hot tub from Mark and Jeff (The Spa Wholesaler) My wife and I stopped in and spoke to Mark. He took the time to hear what we were looking for and answers our questions. Very knowledgeable. If your thinking about purchasing a hot tub give them a call. They will make your purchase a great experience..

Bill Swarthout

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